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Meet the Staff of Finish Line Auto Sales

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Shawn Vetter - Owner

406-388-1111 - vettershawn@yahoo.com

Likes: cars, buying cars, selling cars.

Dislikes: sitting at his desk, healthy food.

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Tim Kolstad - Sales Manager

406-388-1111 - finishlineauto16@outlook.com

Likes: fishing, hunting, and sandals.

Dislikes: cars that won't sell, shoes other than sandals.

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Anna Lowry - Operations Manager

406-388-1111 - titles.finishlineauto@yahoo.com

Likes: good doggos, fake eyelashes, and baseball.

Dislikes: spiders, things that look like spiders, coronavirus.

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Amy Buettner - Administrative Assistant

- office.finishline@yahoo.com

Likes: antiques, rare pennies, candy.

Dislikes: selling antiques, regular pennies, moving.

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Thomas Putnam - SALES

406-388-1111 - thomasput72@gmail.com

Likes: City Brew, grandkids, and Siracha.

Dislikes: snow, and when it snows.

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David Strozzi - SALES

406-388-1111 - strozzid@yahoo.com

Likes: Cooking, hunting, and all things Mopar.

Dislikes: The Bachelor, bad barbecue.

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Joshua Tomaschko - SALES

406-388-1111 - joshuatomaschko@gmail.com

Likes: Cheap coffee, expensive ink (tattoos & printers both).

Dislikes: expensive coffee, printers that wont print.

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Scott Reinier - Certified Mechanic

406-388-1111 -

Likes: cow dogs, horses, and diet dew.

Dislikes: fancy beer, elk that run away.

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Clark Mocilac - Certified Mechanic

406-388-1111 -

Likes: dirt scooters, snap-on, and momma's cookies.

Dislikes: electrical issues, and hospital beds. 

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Willis Daniel - Detail

406-388-1111 -

Likes: Driving fast, all things candy.

Dislikes: Dirty cars, dentists.

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