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Meet the Staff of Finish Line Auto Sales

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Shawn Vetter - Owner

406-388-1111 - vettershawn@yahoo.com

Likes: cars, buying cars, selling cars.

Dislikes: sitting at his desk, healthy food.

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Tim Kolstad - Sales Manager

406-388-1111 - finishlineauto16@outlook.com

Likes: fishing, hunting, and sandals.

Dislikes: cars that won't sell, shoes other than sandals.

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Anna Lowry - Operations Manager

406-388-1111 - anna.finishline@yahoo.com

Likes: good doggos, false eyelashes, weekend brunch.

Dislikes: spiders, things that look like spiders, people who don't brunch.

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Matt Deslauriers - Purchasing Coordinator

406-388-1111 - finishline4063881111@yahoo.com

Likes: Jersey Mike's, finding cars under book value, closing his office door.

Dislikes: having his picture taken (see stock photo) and rap music from the adjoining offices.

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Nathan Taylor - Administrative Assistant

406-388-1111 - office.finishline@yahoo.com

Likes: Hondas, Kanye West (early Ye, not recent Ye) and meatball sandwiches.

Dislikes: Haircuts, ordering printer ink, and mushrooms.

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Mark McKernan - Salesman

406-388-1111 - markjmckernan@gmail.com

Likes: Bobcats football, hiking, Speak to Text on his iPhone.

Dislikes: Store bought caramels (his wife's are much better) and texting manually. 

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Rick Restvedt - Salesman

406-388-1111 - erestvedt@gmail.com

Likes: when his wife brings him lunch, puffy vests, and pugs.

Dislikes: todays country music, email notifications, and technology in general.

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Amber Kniffin - Lead Detailer

406-388-1111 -

Likes: All things purple, Patriots football, plants plants and more plants.

Dislikes: When people use her things but don't put them back, muddy carwash bays.

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Scott Reinier - Certified Mechanic

406-388-1111 -

Likes: cow dogs, horses, and diet dew.

Dislikes: fancy beer, elk that run away.

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